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Dice And TakeOff

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Dice And TakeOff is a dice guessing game. Win to watch the animation.

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Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : サイコロゲーム
  • Product ID : RJ384802
  • Release Date: 09/04/2022
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese, Chinese
  • Developer : kuroMIE
  • Size : [Win: 21 MB, Apk: 33 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android
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  • Natch February 1, 2024

    I recommend not downloading this thing, it’s simply luck and very annoying, if you’re unlucky, it takes half an hour to win a round and when you lose any round it’s game over and you go back to the beginning. 👺

    • Bozo February 1, 2024

      Not really, if you pay attention to your ear you can tell that every dice number had different sound, ranging from the fastest being the one and the longest being the six, if you’re not sure just pick the 1/3/5 or the 2/4/6 depend on how the dice sounds

      • Natch February 2, 2024

        I tried this and I can’t see any difference in the sound of the data or anything, but after so much hate I learned a rather bizarre technique that I don’t know if I was going crazy or if I transcended the limits of the brain but the numbers follow a a certain pattern of repetitions when the player starts to lose a lot, for example it always started between 1/3/6 in the 1st scene and 2/4/5 in the 2nd scene, then followed a pattern of 3 even or 3 odd in a row. 👺

        • dad April 4, 2024

          this is you mom?

    • Penguin February 1, 2024

      You need to listen to the sounds of the cube, then the game will no longer require luck

  • Guy February 1, 2024

    Not fair haha

  • Lightwork no reaction February 4, 2024

    Too ez

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