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Trian And The Forest Siren

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Trian And The Forest Siren is a 2D dot action game that focuses on interspecies sex.
Rabbit-eared demi-humans, “Usagijinzoku”.
Powerless, they lived quietly in the forest, fearing the threat of other races around them.

What protects them is the divine protection of the “Forest Spirit.”
The elder says, “It is thanks to the forest spirit that the Usagin tribe has been able to survive until today.”
For the younger generation, the existence of forest spirits had become a superstition.

Well, this year as well, three boys and girls who have reached adulthood will be participating in “Siren” to receive the blessings of the spirits.···but,
There was one girl who completely forgot about “Shiren” and was busy digging carrots.
Her name is “Tryan”.
After being slapped on the butt by the angry elder Ikazuchi, Trian goes to the forest to “relax” while crying.
However, at that time, an ominous shadow was already hanging over the forest.
What threatens the peace of the Usagin tribe, the true identity of the forest spirit, the history hidden in the Usagin tribe, and Trian himself…
As Trian, a slightly out-of-focus girl, runs around the forest, her surprising truths are revealed one after another.

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  • Original Title : トライアンと森のしれん
  • Product ID : RJ01094424
  • Release Date: 30/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : Wanderer Fantasy
  • Size : 145 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • People February 2, 2024

    Android please

  • People February 2, 2024

    Android version please

  • DangerousRock February 9, 2024

    the game doesn’t work it won’t let me press the start button

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