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Sexual Harassment Prison

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Train the criminal in various ways, make him submit, and send him to prison!
Characters with various appearances and personalities will appear. Hand-drawn dots! Over 100 types of female prisoners!
What kind of child will be accommodated depends on the time!
When you find your favorite child, you can register it and call it up to train it again whenever you like!

As the number of crimes increased due to the deterioration of security, the job of prison officer became a harsh working environment, and the public came to call him a poor man.
Although the number of female prison officers continued to decline, the number of incarcerated female criminals continued to increase…
As a result, women’s prisons were always understaffed.
Meanwhile, a new male prison officer is assigned to a women’s prison.
There was only one order given by the instructor.
“Do whatever you can to make the sinner realize the crime he has committed.”

・You can summon a sinner by calling.
Also, if you have called a favorite from the registration screen, the called child will come.
– The day ends when you send the three criminals to prison, and at that point experience points and money will be distributed.
-The amount of money you can get will change depending on the surrender rate of the sent sinner.
– Money is used to purchase tools used for interrogation, and as the level increases, the number of commands that can be performed during physical examination and the number that can be added to favorites increases.

Touching game system
There is no particular physical strength, so train the criminal as the prison officer likes.
At first, the touching is like sexual harassment, and then it becomes torture.
There are many combinations, so please explore and have fun.
Finally, move on to the actual production.

Excerpt from the content
Pat your thighs
Pull the nipple
Beat with a whip
Belly bread
Vibrator insertion
Anal beads etc.

Video Trailer

Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : セクハラプリズン
  • Product ID : RJ01136630
  • Release Date : 30/12/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : Hurricane Dot Com
  • Size : 119 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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