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Warrior-chan and Witch-chan were camping in the forest.
However, due to exhaustion, both of them fall into a deep sleep at the same time.
When Warrior-chan suddenly woke up, he noticed that his comrade, Witch-chan, had disappeared somewhere.
Senshi-chan becomes suspicious and goes into the deep forest to look for Witch-chan…

Eroryona Event

Mainly erotic between girls!
A total of 23 Eroryona events are implemented in the gallery!
・Wax hardening (candle making)
・Masturbation petrification
・Cunnilingus and crystal (glass)
・Onanism hardening
・Swelling emulsification
・Milking a goblin
・Goblin masturbation
・Holding each other while freezing and turning into an ice statue (freezing)
・Piss Girl Image (Goldenization)
・Onanism and chocolate hardening (chocolate)
・Aphrodisiac flirting candy hardening (candying)
– Raped by a slime and turned into a slime girl (turning into a slime)
・Masturbation bronze statue (bronzing)
・Rubber doll version
・Violated by tentacles and turned into a wax figure (wax hardening)
・Violated and petrified…etc.

Method of Operation
This is a mouse-operated pixel art anime Ryona Eromon girl puzzle game where you pull out pins.
Please guide the warriors and witches to the goal and treasure chest.

Main Character

-Warrior Chan-
A furry-eared female warrior who goes on an adventure with Witch-chan.
She is Majo-chan’s older sister, but she has a habit of often losing her belongings.

A twinte magician who goes on an adventure with Senshi-chan.
She adores Senshi-chan like her older sister.
She may have a cowardly side, but she is the type to hold grudges deep down.

A powerful magician.
She seems to like Majo-chan…?

Appearing enemy Mon Musume (partial)
-Ghost Girl-
A ghost that controls cold air.
She plays pranks every chance she gets.

-Slime Priest Girl-
A slime girl priest of the slime religion.
She won’t open her heart to anyone but slime.

-Succubus girl-
A succubus wizard.
She loves sweets and naughty things.

-Candle Girl-
In charge of lighting at Rich-chan’s mansion.
She hardens her opponent with a fog of wax.

Video Trailer

Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : 百合固めピンジョン -YURI KATAME PINGEON-
  • Product ID : RJ01088018
  • Release Date: 13/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese, Korean, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian
  • Developer : KuroCat
  • Size : 66 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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