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Early Visitor

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The goal is to control the main character, Yurine Kawashima, and explore a certain area.
Putting on and taking off costumes is easy.

About skills and combat
As you level up, you will be able to acquire skills.Let’s learn various skills to survive.
You can defeat enemies with gun and sword skills, but you can also neutralize them with charm-type skills that use your body to seduce them.
Since a lock system is implemented, there is no need to fine-tune the character’s orientation when using skills (except for things that require aiming).

About status
It is also possible to strengthen your stats as your level increases.
It also functions as a difficulty adjustment on the player side, so stats can be easily adjusted.

About items etc.
It is also important to prepare various materials and currencies in order to repair torn costumes and recover from damage.
Collect supplies by picking them up in the field or purchasing them from merchants.

– There is no clear story or clear path.
– Operations other than mouse and keyboard are not considered.Please use mouse and keyboard when playing.
– Resolution is “1366 x 768” in window mode and “1920 x 1080” in full screen mode.
– Before purchasing, please be sure to use the trial version to make sure it works properly.
– This work requires certain PC specifications, so please check the “Work Information/Operating Environment” below.
– The file size after extraction is approximately 11GB.

◇A little information
– If you feel that your stamina is running out quickly, we recommend acquiring the skill “Horizontal Landing” as soon as possible.
– Enemies are more likely to spawn in areas with collapsed buildings.
– If you are having trouble getting supplies, you can get them smoothly by turning on “Automatically get items at the time of action” in the settings.
– No fall damage.
– The situations in the bonus room/mini game are “missionary position”, “doggy style”, “hand job”, “foot job”, “titty fuck”, and “cowgirl position”. Each has 4 motions with a speed difference of 3 + milking 1 exists.

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  • Original Title : 初期の訪問者
  • Product ID : RJ01143093
  • Release Date : 14/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : InstantArrow
  • Size : 3.56 GB
  • Platform : Windows

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  • Bitoru January 19, 2024

    Hasn’t it been translated into English?

  • link January 25, 2024

    you can use the xunity autotranslator

    • Espermatron April 16, 2024

      thanks man you have just opened up a world of possibilities for me

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