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Touching Married Women Simulator

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Touching Married Women Simulator is a tactile game similar to the Flash games that were popular in the past.
In this game, the player who is the chief touches the married women of his subordinates who work part-time.
There is almost no penalty if you make a mistake so that you can immerse yourself in the experience.
Press and hold the mouse to knead or lick it.
By keeping the button pressed, the kneading method changes in 3 stages.
The main methods of massaging are “kneading”, “playing”, “flicking”, “licking” and “sucking”.
You can also magnify any location by “staring”.

There are 5 stages in total.
The stage configuration is
1st floor Touch while standing (apron and casual clothes)
2nd side: Make her sit and touch her legs (casual clothes)
Side 3: Touching the buttocks (sportswear)
4th side Touch in the shower (bra and shorts)
5th side: Touching and inserting in bed (bra and shorts)

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  • Original Title : お触り人妻シミュレーター
  • Product ID : RJ01112447
  • Release Date: 14/02/2024
  • Censorship : Uncensored
  • Language : English, Japanese
  • Developer : Uzura Studio
  • Size : 247 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • ImWatchet February 24, 2024

    Is this playable in joiplay?

  • &$#@ March 23, 2024

    Can you please make an android version please and your games are very good

  • kim March 27, 2024

    please make an android version

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