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JK Molester Train Seeding Man

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A pervert man who makes molesting his life’s purpose sets his sights on Chinatsu Saijo, a strong-willed high school girl.
In the little time she has on her way to and from school, she decides to teach her the pleasure of being molested.

Chinatsu Saijo has Black ponytail. Membber of Kendo club. ALso she is virgin.
Although she is energetic, bright, serious, and a little strong-willed, she is basically a normal high school girl.
However, she is not immune to naughty things.
She’s the type of person who can’t forcefully say that she’s being molested because she’s too embarrassed to realize that she’s being molested.
Her body is sensitive and sensitive, and she is confused by the fact that she is being molested and is in a naughty mood.
This makes her even more embarrassed and she is unable to speak out.

This is a touch game using commands.
The heroine Chinatsu has a strong sense of caution, so if she acts carelessly, she will be caught immediately.
Luckily she is a hard worker and she goes to school every day even though she is molested.
Take your time and ease her tension while letting her indulge in pleasure.

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  • Original Title : JK痴漢電車 種付けおじさん
  • Product ID : RJ01141999
  • Release Date : 23/02/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : digital onahooole
  • Size : 130 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • 666 February 23, 2024

    Only black screen 🗿🗿🗿
    Fix it please

  • ª February 23, 2024

    the download links seems to not be working

  • ª February 23, 2024

    nvm the link works but the game doesnt

  • pepe February 23, 2024

    game is dead af bro, nothing works, i have localization for japanese games and still doesn’t work, waste of time downloading it looked cool tho

  • amada February 24, 2024

    make Android version please

  • 666 February 24, 2024

    You can play this game on JoiPlay
    But as I said before, the game has an error.
    It only displays a black screen along with the icons in the game
    I hope the game developer fixes it soon

  • Jeffry Yan April 1, 2024

    Please.. Version Android, It’s definitely busy

  • Dekai May 4, 2024

    Android ver can be downloaded here though it is very Laggy

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