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The Most Distorted Rape In The World

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Sakura is confessed to by Hirotake Suzakuin, the most handsome guy in the school, and ends up kissing her.
She witnesses this, and her homeroom teacher, who believes that Sakura loves her, thinks that Sakura has been defiled.
The teacher isolates Sakura from the dirty world in order to prevent her from becoming even more polluted.
She abducts Sakura and imprisons her in the science room of the old school building (her teacher thinks she is living with Sakura).
In order to return her defiled Sakura to the pure maiden she was, the teacher inflicts numerous insults on Sakura (she thinks that the teacher himself is her love) in the name of educating her about love. was.

This is a game where you kidnap and imprison Sakura, the student you have an unrequited love for, and brainwash her to make her fall in love with you.
More skills will become available by accumulating skill points and releasing skills.
Some skills can only be unlocked by exploring the school and finding items…
By combining many skills, you will be able to brainwash Sakura more efficiently.
There are two goals for this game. His goal is to increase Sakura’s love for his girlfriend and to execute Genbu Suzakuin, the handsome man who defiled Sakura, in the electric chair.
Now, let’s start teaching her love to her beloved Sakura.

This game is not the type of game where you hurt a cheeky girl and feel refreshed.
Also, this is not a game where you get sexual pleasure from inflicting violence on girls.
The concept of this game is to corner the girl mentally and completely destroy her spirit.
Please throw away all ethics when playing this game.
The world’s most pure and hurtful love game, where the teacher who loves Sakura so much that he imprisons her is forced to have sex with Sakura, who doesn’t like it.

A strange and inconsistent cohabitation life between a teacher who thinks he is loved by Sakura and Sakura who is remembered by her teacher.
From the teacher’s point of view, this game is pure love; from Sakura’s point of view, this game is a form of humiliation.
How do you combine these two polar opposites, pure love and rape, into one game? That is the most important point.

Character introduction

・Sakura (voice: Paco Shirakawa)
At school, Oriko is the class president who takes the initiative in doing chores.
She is not very good at asserting herself and is easily influenced by those around her. She also doesn’t like things that stand out.
The reason why Sakura is the class president is because when it was time to decide who would be class president, her classmates recommended her and she couldn’t refuse.
In reality, she wants to live her life in her own way, but she is pretending to be the Oriko-san that everyone around her wants.
Lately, she’s been feeling creepy that her homeroom teacher has been talking to her about trivial things, but she can’t bring herself to bring it up.

A man who lives in love and loves Sakura with all his heart. His single-mindedness is such that he imprisons Sakura in order to make her his own.
Apparently Sakura feels creepy about her teacher.
Will her teacher be able to win Sakura’s heart?
・Suzakuin Hirotake
An unforgivable bastard who stole Sakura’s innocent, angel-like lips and defiled her.
In order to save Sakura from the clutches of this evil demon, we must completely erase her from this world!!

Video Trailer

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  • Original Title : 世界でいちばん歪(ぴゅあ)な凌辱(こい)
  • Product ID : RJ01137909
  • Release Date : 06/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : dark.ryona.x15
  • Size : 185 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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