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Neruko Is Growing!

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It’s a sleep rape game where you touch and insert your girlfriend without waking them up.
There’s nothing difficult. it’s simple.

My sister, who is extremely shy, suddenly started avoiding her brother.
That alone would be fine, but with the addition of verbal abuse and blatant behavior, my younger sister is mentally pushing me into a corner.
Fearing that if things continue like this, her heart will be broken, her brother takes action to try to resolve the issue, but the situation makes it difficult for him to even meet her sister face-to-face.

He spends his days feeling restless, and one day he notices that he is behaving strangely.
He was trying to drink water from the toilet.

Only then did he realize that his heart was broken.

How to play

To prevent them from waking up, use your mouse to pick up their clothes and drag them to remove them.
Next, she takes off her underwear, massages her breasts and inserts herself into her, and finally finishes with a creampie and a blowjob.
Depending on the stage, you can tit fuck or use your butt. Fingers too.

You can play using only the mouse.
Keyboard operations are required for some parts, but are not required.
You can enjoy the game even more by using the keyboard. There are a total of four keys to use.
It’s a very simple game, so you can play it in your spare time, but you can also enjoy it at your leisure. How you play is up to you.

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  • Original Title : ねるこはそだつ!
  • Product ID : RJ01109863
  • Release Date : 07/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : CT
  • Size : 143 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • Ronan January 7, 2024

    android version please

  • e January 7, 2024


    • Joaquitoh4 January 22, 2024

      If this is the same case as mine, you must download the missing files. Just find the file that says it is missing and copy it to the game folder. For example, if the missing file is MSVCR120.dll, google it. The page I use is dll-files

  • Unknown customer January 7, 2024

    Can u make Android version pleas🥺?

    • Luis April 4, 2024

      Yes I want a Android version to

  • Kashougc January 7, 2024

    Take out for Android please

  • ANAR'DANH January 8, 2024

    i have my laptop to play this game but i’d the mobile version too

  • Hades January 8, 2024

    android version please

  • Rodrigo January 10, 2024


  • For Android January 13, 2024

    Please for Android

  • Hakunamatata January 14, 2024

    Mobile version pls

  • Anderson January 14, 2024

    Please mobile version

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  • Anonymous January 21, 2024

    Android version please, so many are also asking for it🥺

  • Nobody January 28, 2024

    how to get the stage 9?

  • Pipipi February 8, 2024

    Android Android Android por favor

  • ATHV May 4, 2024

    The Game is not opening even after i downloaded all the dll files

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