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Revenge Alternative

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This is a simulation game where you live together in an apartment with Rena Tanakamaru, a former bully who has become your personal maid.
In normal simulation games, play is gradually released and more things can be done,
In this game, you can do anything from the beginning.
Hard play such as enema and fisting is OK from the first day without going through any steps.
Of course, you can also take her steps and train her slowly.

In addition to this, in everyday life, I have them wash my back in the bath, help me with the toilet, rub my shoulders, clean my ears, make me a midnight snack, etc.
As her exclusive maid, she will support your life.
You can also specify her outfit, and there are five types to choose from: “tied up”, “completely nude”, “underwear”, “maid uniform”, and “room wear”.
Each outfit has a status assigned to it, and the amount of physical and energy recovery depending on the outfit also changes (if you really want to corner them, you can make them stay tied up all day long).
Due to sudden events, plays other than those listed above also occur.

You can take full revenge on the person who once bullied you, or you can treat them kindly and rehabilitate them.You can behave as you like.
There are 9 different endings depending on your actions.
Depending on your choices, you may end up with a bad ending that leaves a bad aftertaste, or you may end up with a loving happy ending.

Over 150 basic CG images excluding differences (over 380 images including differences, etc.).
Animations are also inserted here and there.

Let’s enjoy life just the two of us in a closed room called an apartment.

Video Trailer

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  • Original Title : 復讐 Alternative
  • Product ID : RJ01137446
  • Release Date : 06/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : 窓際ワールド
  • Size : 201 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows

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