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Captured Princess

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Take away everything from the defeated princess of a neighboring country by gambling with her body.

After a war with a neighboring country that was heavily influenced by the aristocratic system of slavery, the neighboring country was finally destroyed.
The royal families of neighboring countries who lost the war did not fight bravely and fled.
However, they were discovered and killed one after another.
It is said that some of them were able to escape, but some ended up becoming slaves.

Meanwhile, a princess from the Basilis family, who has royal blood in a neighboring country, manages to escape.
Her princess name is “Garnet Basilis”
However, due to the way she speaks, it is revealed that she is a former princess of the imperial family, and she is sold to a slave trader for a high price.
Aristocrats from the frontier have heard the rumor and come to take possession of the former princess.
With her strong personality and many abusive words, she angered her nobles and was about to be killed.
The owner of a certain brothel placated a nobleman with money and decided to buy his former princess.

Why did the owner of the brothel help this princess?

The captured princess challenges him to a card game.
This game is a card game based on “High & Low”, where you compete against “Garnet” for money.
You can use the stolen money to buy sex with Garnet.

Equipped with sex motion simulation.
“Ecchi motion simulation” will function during erotic acts.
The functions that can be simulated are “zoom up”, “motion speed” and “finish”.
You can adjust the speed using the slide gauge, so you can adjust the speed to suit your preference and enjoy it.
You can also finish using the finish button, so you can enjoy the timing as you like.

If you can save up to a certain amount of money in a card game, the “Kami-uke function” will be activated.

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  • Original Title : 捕らわれた皇女
  • Product ID : RJ01149213
  • Release Date : 09/02/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : Eroiworks
  • Size : 175 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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