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Female Knight Millet ~Netorare Metroidvania~

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This is a game about a fragile married woman knight who, while being raped by monsters, uses the abilities she obtains by defeating bosses to enter the enemy’s base, plant a bomb, and escape.

This work is Circle’s first exploration 2D action RPG in two years, and it is an easy-to-play work that eliminates all the unique and troublesome systems of the previous work, such as the rhythmic battle system. This is a 2D action RPG about cuckolding and interspecies sex exploration, with an emphasis on a quick and enjoyable atmosphere that incorporates the existing Metroidvania system and Circle’s unique lock-on system that takes usability into consideration.

You can expand the range of battles and exploration with growth elements such as leveling up and power-up items along the way, and battle abilities and field abilities obtained by defeating bosses. Because we place emphasis on quick play and erotica, we make the difficulty level very easy, improve operability, and make the map as simple as possible to make it difficult to get lost. When you are defeated by an enemy, you will enter an H scene with an animated gasping voice. Reminiscences exist and are registered by watching the enemy’s defeat H scene. In order not to slow down the progress of the game, we do not include restraint H during battle, and we also allow you to retry immediately when your HP reaches 0. The defeat H scene is available in a reduced version and an enlarged version. Both are animated, but the enlarged version is a neat combination of three animation patterns: before climax, climax, and post-climax.
In addition, you can pause and enjoy the animation carefully during flashbacks. If you press the H-scene full release switch in the flashback, you can collect all the H-scenes from the beginning without having to play the main story.
The H situation is an interspecies cuckold where a fragile married woman is defeated and raped by a monster.  
The number of H scenes is 25 scenes, and the total number of animation CGs for H scenes only is 4992.

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  • Original Title : 女騎士ミレット~寝取られメトロイドヴァニア~
  • Product ID : RJ01127904
  • Release Date : 16/12/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : matatabi neko soft
  • Size : 521 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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