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The capital city of Neumann is overrun overnight by a succubus army that suddenly appears.
Moreover, his companions were also scattered by the succubus’ magic.
The protagonist, Prince Rinka, and the Sea Force, who were fortunately transported to the same location, aim to retake the capital while reuniting with their scattered companions.
Monsters will attack you one after another from the enemy base!The monsters will advance towards your friendly base. Place your units and stop the enemy invasion!
If you can protect your base until the end, you will clear the game.
Units have different abilities and skills. You can play highly action-oriented games that require constant strategy on a board that changes in real time.
Even in battle, if you are fucked by an enemy, you will be raped on the spot!
The SD character has a slimy animation! The animation is produced in 5 stages from introduction to piston -> acceleration -> finish -> lingering sound.
No reuse of animations for all 32 patterns of friendly units x enemies! (Please excuse the slightly similar positions…)
The CG event is a balloon display that makes you feel like you are reading a manga.
The naughty text sound effects displayed during the event also enhance the live feeling of the event.
Events will be released as the story progresses and stages are defeated.
We also have many humiliating items.
Vice-captain of the capital Neumann’s guard. The main character and Linka have a close relationship.
An attacker with high attack power in battle. His skills can lower the enemy’s defense power.
She is Shi’s younger sister and also belongs to the security guard. She doesn’t have much contact with the main character, Linka, and is shy.
In battle, she serves as the vanguard to earn the necessary costs for sortieing.
The person who used magic to blow away the main characters during the attack on the capital Neumann.
He has a tomboyish and talkative personality. The joy, anger, and sadness are clearly evident in his tone.

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  • Original Title : UnitLiberators
  • Product ID : RJ319982
  • Release Date : 01/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : kuluna.class
  • Size : [Win: 756 MB, Apk: 654 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android

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