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Ukiyo Genso Fair

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Ukiyo Genso Fair is a 3D side-scrolling action where twins work together to fight!
An action game where you control twin shrine maidens who are messengers of the gods and work together to defeat monsters!

A real-time battle fuck on the field with no screen transitions will destroy the concept of game over = sex scene!
During the rape, the game will stop progressing, so watch the rape scene slowly in 360 degrees! If you can switch characters and rescue them, the game will continue!
If you are wiped out, the stage will be over and you will be treated to a take-home rape scene with slimy Live2D animation!

Not only will she be raped and impregnated (cross-species sex, fertilization, pregnancy), but she will also attack NPCs and twin sisters who run away after being turned into futanari by the slug monster and inseminated and raped them!
(If you don’t like futanari, you can turn it off in the settings)

Compatible with vibration-compatible controllers! Experience full of immersion not only in action parts but also in H scenes!

Character introduction
– Rina Ina –
The twins of the divine messengers (kin) of an Inari shrine that is enshrined in a certain town.
On the day of the summer festival he was looking forward to, monsters began attacking the town, so he was ordered by a god to descend into this world.

– Youkai –
Chimi Mouryou has attacked the city. He is somehow influenced by the fact that even monsters that are not normally aggressive attack him.
There are also boss monsters with strong attack power.
If you are attacked while you are down, it will be a 3D battle fuck on the spot!

– Action part –
A stage-clearing 3D side-scrolling action game.
Use combo attacks and special skills to annihilate your enemies, and use the rewards you earn to strengthen your equipment and advance.
It’s important to use physical attacks and long-range attacks depending on the enemy type, and to switch characters to get around!

– Battle fuck –
If you are attacked while you are knocked down, you will be mercilessly raped by the monsters in a battle fuck!
The camera zooms in on the spot and you can enjoy real-time 3D rape without being skipped to another scene!
Once the rape begins, the game will pause, so you can rotate the camera 360 degrees and watch it at your leisure.
You can save yourself from being raped by switching characters and attacking, so you can enjoy the rape scene without getting a game over!

-Gangbang defeat (annihilation) –
If both twin shrine maidens are raped, it will be a “gang rape defeat” (game over).
Therefore, if one of them is violated, use the other one to rescue them immediately.
After annihilation, if you “surrender yourself” you will be taken home by the monster and you will be able to watch an animated H scene created by Live2D.
Once you’ve seen an H scene, you can watch it anytime by sleeping at the Insei Onsen.

– Rape by townspeople –
The townspeople (male) have lost their consciousness due to the demonic energy, and if they find the shrine maidens who have decreased their physical strength, they will attack them in an attempt to inseminate them and ejaculate.
Since he is someone to protect, he cannot attack when he is innocent, but after committing a crime, he can attack like a monster.
Don’t lose heart even if there are no monsters around.
Hyakki Yagyō attacks a peaceful town and power-ups at the Insei Onsen

– A wide variety of Chimi Mouryou –
A total of 28 types of monsters (16 races) will appear, including different colors with different strengths.
They have a wide variety of personalities, such as monsters that are strong against physical attacks but weak against long-range attacks, and monsters that have high attack power but slow attack speed. Of course, there are many different types of rape.

– Various stage configurations –
A total of 20 stages with a rich variety of variations that gradually change from deep in the mountains with a shrine to the city.
If the boss is powerful and you can’t fight it, collect rewards on lower stages and strengthen your equipment.

– Insei Onsen –
Tanuki peddlers travel between this world and the floating world, selling rare items.
Due to his energetic nature, depending on the negotiation, he may be able to offer his body in exchange for money…?

– Futon for rest –
When you sleep on a futon, you can dream of Live2D animations that have never been gangbang-defeated in any combination.
Futanari transformation and pregnancy/birth simulation

– Futanari transformation by the slug monster –
If you are attacked by a slug monster while you are down, you will become parasitic and change the shape to resemble a male genitalia, turning you into a “futanari”!
Just by touching any “girl”, he will attack indiscriminately!
Rape can be canceled by attacking a woman and tearing her away, but in order to release futanari transformation, it is necessary to ejaculate inside the woman at least once.
(*Futanari conversion can be turned off in settings)

– Be careful of yuri rape during futanari –
If you touch a town girl or even a twin partner, you’ll start raping them without any questions asked!
You won’t be able to tear it off and it will be wiped out, so let’s solve it as soon as possible as a town girl.

– Pregnancy simulation –
Twin shrine maidens have a fast menstrual cycle that takes 5 minutes in real time.
Since she is a god, she can become pregnant with the semen of all races, and if the semen is ejected during ovulation, she will become fertilized.
(*Pregnancy and childbirth can be turned off in the settings. Ovulation and fertilization will still occur.)

– Be careful about giving birth during battle –
When giving birth, your HP will be forcibly reduced to 0 and you will be down, so be careful if you think you will give birth soon.
It is also important to note that pregnancy and childbirth do not occur in Onsei Onsen, which is a floating world, as time only advances in this world.

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  • Original Title : 浮世幻想縁日〜神様の使いの双子が百鬼夜行に犯されながらも立ち向かう夏祭りの物語〜
  • Product ID : RJ295630
  • Release Date: 16/02/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
  • Developer : GensoLab
  • Size : 1.19 GB
  • Platform : Windows

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