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Strange House

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An erotic horror RPG where you aim to escape from an underground facility where monsters wander.

This is a game where you aim to escape from an underground facility without being captured by strange monsters wandering around.
There are also some elements of mystery.

The captured girl is confined and raped in their home!
You can enjoy the slimy H animation of the rape situation.

There are 8 characters.
Tights/thighhighs/slender/curvy…Enjoy H anime with your favorite characters.
(It’s a lot.)

Animation: 10 basic patterns (5 types of scene differences each) x character differences
It’s all about confinement and humiliation.

If you get the shooting records scattered around the dungeon,
You can freely view H anime.

*There are fewer story elements.
*The game difficulty level is low, but
For those who are busy, we also have a cheat command to release all H anime.

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  • Original Title : 異形の館
  • Product ID : RJ01112597
  • Release Date: 27/10/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : muramuramura
  • Size : 773 MB
  • Platform : Windows

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For Windows


  • Victor November 8, 2023

    Loading error
    Failed to load: img/titles1/タイトルgamen.png

    any idea how i can solve this?

    • hgpai November 9, 2023

      Same issue as you man

  • azazel November 19, 2023

    How to use the cheat command please

  • Azazel November 20, 2023

    more precisely, what is the code ?

  • Azazel November 20, 2023

    more precisely, could we have the cheat code ?

  • Temp November 23, 2023

    Well look like the encoding is fked up. All the japaness char are unreadable even when switching encoding in winrar

  • Kenny February 15, 2024

    Failed to load: img/titles1/タイトルgamen.png how to repair ?

  • Kenny February 15, 2024

    plss help

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