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Speed ​​Hypnosis Train

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Speed ​​Hypnosis Train is a simulation game where you can experience [forced pure love] by dragging the mouse.
One day, a mysterious hypnosis app suddenly appeared on his smartphone.
Get the best features that can make your naughty fantasies come true,
Let’s hypnotize the cute JK you always see on the train every day!
Dye her to your color little by little. Let me tell you lots of things that feel good!

Game System
[Drag ring]
If dragging is possible, instructions for the dragging direction will appear.

[Heart Gauge]
Once your heart is completely maxed out, you can move on to the sex scene.

Be careful not to let others know!
When the alert gauge reaches MAX, you will be unable to move for a certain period of time!

You can collect points to unlock powerful skills within the app.
Strengthen various stats and become stronger!

Mysterious hypnotic noise and hacking the other person’s smartphone
You can be forced to listen and have a hypnotic effect!

With real-time calculations, clothes can be seen through like a supernatural power,
You can enjoy watching her naked. Let’s take pictures of cute JK naked…!

[Physical strength]
After ejaculating, a certain amount of physical strength is consumed. Once you level up, you can increase the number of times you can ejaculate!

In addition to mouse dragging, you can perform automatic actions by selecting from the menu.
Of course, you can freely change the speed! Manipulate the girl as you like!

[Cross-sectional view (ejaculation cut-in)]
You will be able to understand the condition inside your vagina!
Let’s push the semen deep inside!

Hide the main UI on the screen.

Automatically enlarges the screen during erotic scenes. (*This is a BETA feature introduced for the first time.)

[Free mode]
Remove all restrictions and no longer need to release with points.
Even busy people can enjoy it easily!!

This work does not have an ending or game over, but instead there are two [hidden elements]! Look forward to it!

Video Trailer

Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : スピード催眠トレイン【電車で痴漢・催眠・お触りシミュレーション】
  • Product ID : RJ01145888
  • Release Date : 28/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : Colapis
  • Size : 276 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • muaz January 30, 2024

    Android please

  • Jheese January 31, 2024

    requires updating the game

  • Pipipi February 10, 2024

    Android Android Android

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