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Princess Doris is forced to live in a “sanctuary” after growing donkey ears.
It was a place of “Otsutome” where selected men and women meet in order to bring about a good harvest.
The king (player) who married her will work hard to have sex with her every night in order to make her kingdom prosper and solidify her position (her status and position)…

There are two main ways to play this game: “Story Mode” and “Free Mode”.
In the latter free mode, you can use all the functions from the beginning.
You can’t choose your favorite maid, hang out in front of her maid’s room with an ekiben, or have her evaluate your H content at the girls’ night out the next day.

On the other hand, in the story mode, three of Doris’s maids and your entourage appear, and you can watch them express joy and sorrow over the influence of H on the kingdom.
In addition, you can interact with Doris and her maid after lunch, and enjoy conversation and physical contact.
In addition, the “Daily” chapter is intended to be played repeatedly, and depending on the content of the most recent sexual encounter, the reactions of the women will change in three ways + different lines will be added.

Various H scenes
The H scene consists of 5 basic plays x several different postures.
You can freely choose the speed and depth of shaking your hips, the timing of breaks and ejaculation.

Auto mode is available for blowjob, doggy style, and sitting position facing each other.
You can also hand over the initiative to Doris and let her take charge.

There is no limit to the number of ejaculations, and the bukkake and creampie status will be carried over even if you change the play.
In addition, if you choose a blowjob after creampie, she will clean the milky penis.

Doris’ reaction changes to three levels depending on how much her excitement gauge is filled.
She has plenty of room from 0 to 49%, but after that she is on the verge of climax.
When it reaches 100%, you will climax and H will be temporarily interrupted.
In addition, if you make him reach climax beyond the upper limit, you can also cause him to pass out.

In addition, Doris has two periods: a period when she is not good at sex (transitional period) and a period when she is active (mature period).
Depending on the time of her life, Doris’s attitude, mood, facial expressions, conversation content, and even the way she pant changes.
Specifically, the number of H voices is 459 in the transition stage and 601 in the mature stage.
She has a total of 1667 motions and 915 facial expressions.

You can also set the discount rate for Doris’s sensitivity and excitement level for each location.
As a result, when ejaculation approaches, Doris can also move to a place where it is easy to cum.
It is possible to play according to the feeling of ejaculation, such as moving to a place that lowers Doris’ excitement level when she is about to cum first.

*Donkey ears, pubic hair, belly bump, cross section, fetus, and climax effects can be hidden.

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  • Original Title : ドリス姫と夜のオツトメ
  • Product ID : RJ01178251
  • Release Date : 05/04/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : MountBatten
  • Size : 1.02 GB
  • Platform : Windows
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    Android version, please, I really like this game and I would like to see it on my cell phone

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    english please

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