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Nade Nade Onna no Ko 6.1 -Battle F*ck With Fallen Angel-


Have a sexy showdown (battle f*ck) with a fallen angel girl.
Instead of a turn-based battle, you fondle her in real time!
Enjoy real-time animation in reaction to the player’s “osawari” (touching).
Once you break thru her guard, the fallen angel starts to feel REALLY good!

A staple of the Nade Nade Onna no Ko series!
Claim victory with a Battle F*ck and then get super cozy!
For those who want romantic action fast, it’s for you!
Get serviced by the devil’s orgasmic minion. Touchy touch! Affection up!

Video Trailer


  • Original Title : なでなでおんなのこ6.1 ~堕天使とバトルファック~
  • Product ID : RJ304102
  • Release Date: 03/11/2018
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English
  • Developer : CherryGirls
  • Size : [Win: 135 MB, Apk: 91 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android

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