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An ADV who requests to cuckold his wife at “Sakuha Office”, a mysterious office that fulfills erotic requests!
Character portraits and H scenes are all animated using Live2D!
It’s a normal “gal game” with nothing difficult to do other than the moving illustrations.
This is a game where you don’t have to conquer one heroine out of multiple heroines, but instead enjoy having only one heroine, the “wife,” be cuckolded in various situations.

★Basic CG (Live2D) 10 types + clothing & number of people differences
★Number of flashback H scenes: 41 scenes (1 route 7 scenes, 4 scenarios + bonus scenario)
★Number of scenarios: 4 main routes, 3 bonus scenarios
★Trial version available. You can play about 40% of the total.

■Game features■

★NTR stuff!
This is a scenario where the main character seduces the heroine, his wife, to another man.
Because it is done hidden from the wife, there is a fine line between “se” and “re”.
Before you know it, they leave the main character’s hands, the NTR becomes extreme, and his girlfriend’s wife finds out.

★However, it is a light NTR item!
The heroine is entangled with men in various ways,
Basically, the main character = husband love is thoroughly expressed, and the main character is never made fun of or belittled.
This is a wife who feels good even though she only loves her husband…
It won’t be so vicious as to break the player’s heart.
It has a light atmosphere for a cuckold.
(There are many things that happen along the way) In the end, she will come back to her husband… right?!

★Ahegao a lot!
My heart is always a heroine who loves my husband, but my body is getting more and more comfortable and I’m also actively having sex!
She is a naturally lewd heroine that will make you fall in love with her pretty quickly!

★Equipped with recollection mode!
All scenarios have a flashback mode.
It is a common mechanism that when you clear the scenario normally, the recollection is also unlocked,
If you press the “all release button”, you can recollect all scenes from the beginning.

★Bonus “Netori Mode”
This mode allows you to view Live2D animation in its entirety.
There are no sound effects or text, so this is just a mode for watching the animation.
You can select from the beginning and view all animations.
It’s not really a spoiler, but
If you are interested, please clear the normal scenario before enjoying.
There is almost no story, but the heroine changes clothes before checking the animation.
Contains play activities such as chatting.
The setting is that the player himself/herself is a cast member of a “cuckold”.
It’s just a bonus, so there’s no volume.

★No complicated operations! Just click to play!
Nothing is difficult!
Anyone can clear it as long as they play hard!

■How to play and strategy■
There are four basic scenarios: the gym version, the bedside shota version, the beauty salon version, and the best friend version.
It consists of a total of 7 episodes.
In the 6th episode, the story enters a stage of no return,
When you watch the 6th episode, you will be taken directly to the 7th episode, and then the ending will be played.
After the ending, you will be returned to the title, so if you want to save, we recommend “after clearing the 5th episode”.

When I rub Sakiha’s breasts on the scenario selection screen
You can view the extra scenario where you can do naughty things with Sakiha.
You have to rub it patiently and intentionally, so it’s unlikely that you’ll make a mistake.
This is a total of 4 episodes, and when you watch the 4th episode, you will go straight to the title from the ending.

Also, apart from the four scenarios,
There are two types of endings, “happy” and “bad”, which can be viewed by meeting the conditions.
“happy” means “the cuckold fails in all four scenarios”;
The condition for viewing “bad” is to “clear all 4 scenarios up to the 5th episode”.
Sakiba’s scenario is basically not related to the ending conditions of other scenarios.

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  • Original Title : NTRは当社まで~あなたはどこまで妻の寝取られを許せますか~
  • Product ID : RJ415568
  • Release Date: 01/09/2022
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : PANgurumi Family
  • Size : 319 MB
  • Platform : Windows

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