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NTR Massage Master

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Your ultimate goal is to NTR the characters below.
Tarou Takuo clumsily tried putting moves on Yui here, but he couldn’t live up to her expectations when she gave him a chance. She doesn’t seem to harbor very strong feelings for him.
Game-addict Takuya is so absorbed in his games that feelings between him and his girlfriend, Miki, have been fading away. He’s always focused on the virtual world, and Miki’s been feeling distant and ignored.
Kenta, in his thickheadedness, is always late to catch on to his wife Hanako’s advances. Because of that, she’s been feeling unsatisfied.
This principal and teacher seem to have some spicy secret between them that they can’t let out. Whatever it is, people around them have been itching to find out.

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  • Original Title : NTRマッサージマスター
  • Product ID : RJ01119206
  • Release Date: 28/11/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
  • Developer : HGGame
  • Size : 368 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • korgen December 16, 2023

    i cant see my room and city anything / settings: 1080p 180hz english
    note : there is problems with ntr apartment too and i cant touch pc on that game

  • not korgen December 16, 2023

    I have a similar problem. Only the dialog box and interface tools are displayed. But I don’t see anything that should be happening on the screen, just a black screen. By the way, the admins of this site do not like to respond to comments at all, there is no point in writing.

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