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Nacht-sama is quitting being the demon king!

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An erotic RPG in which a cheeky loli demon king is weakened and unceremoniously defeated by a lower-ranked opponent.
・A cheeky loli’s pleasure falls
The frustrated expression gradually turns into pleasure…
Declaration of defeat before the final fall!

・Soggy stage erotic
Prepare more than 6 stages of scenes for each rod actor, and carefully draw how the reactions change.

・Clothing erotic
Except for situations where she is treated as a pet and she is not even allowed to wear clothes, it is all clothed erotic scenes.

・The eroticism is soggy, the game has a good tempo
This work is an event search type RPG that specializes in pulling out.
There are no small fish battles, level ups, puzzle solving, mini games, or game overs.

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  • Original Title : ナハトさま魔王やめるってよ
  • Product ID : RJ427387
  • Release Date: 12/11/2022
  • Censorship : Uncensored
  • Language : English
  • Developer : Jizo Survival Night
  • Size : 976 MB
  • Platform : Windows

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