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My younger childhood friend’s things are too good for NTR!? I can’t go back to being her boyfriend!!

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A younger boy who lives next door. Although he’s about his age, he doesn’t seem to have any experience with girls yet.
Her reactions are naive and cute, so I can’t help but lick her ears and tease her.
It gradually escalated and the atmosphere became somewhat naughty…

“Do you really want to…do something naughty with me?”

Do not do it. Because I have a boyfriend.
But I’d like to take a look at your grown-up self.

“What…? Oh, no, that’s amazing…”
“Ah…I’m sorry. Well, it’s a lot bigger than I thought.”

Yours is much bigger than your boyfriend’s…
For some reason, I really wanted to play around with it…

…It escalated further from there.
Even though it’s your first time, you’re really good at it.
Sex with my boyfriend doesn’t feel this good…

“…It’s impossible after all. I can not stand it any longer”
“I…I want to have sex with you.”

What will happen when the actual event suddenly begins…?

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  • Original Title : 年下幼馴染のモノが立派すぎてNTR!?もう彼氏には戻れない!!
  • Product ID : RJ347541
  • Release Date : 04/11/2021
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese, English (MTL)
  • Developer : HalftoneDot
  • Size : [Win: 316 MB, Apk: 321 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android
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