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Monster Girl Conquest Records Battle Orc


Monster Girl Conquest Records Battle Orc is a belt-scrolling action game where orcs fight monster girls!
The orc tribe has been drastically reduced in numbers in the recent war, but one orc rises up to help the species prosper!
Use a variety of attacks to knock down monster girls!
If you defeat an enemy, you can rape them at any time! The dots move smoothly!
All erotic animations are seamlessly played out with dots!
When your health is low, rape a monster girl to recover!
Enemies include elves, kemonomimi, minotaurs, centaurs, dryads, ogres, lizards, zombies, killer bees, robots, etc.
There are a whopping 50 monster girls! 13 races!! (+1 more race added in ver1.1!!)

13 stages in total, and you can challenge stages you have already cleared once!
Includes gallery mode! H-scenes can be viewed at any time!
13 monster girl races, 4 erotic dot animations for each!
There is also a zoom function during sex!

How to play
Defeat, rape and impregnate monster girls!
Get a monster girl pregnant and return in triumph!!

Video Trailer


  • Original Title : モン娘征服記バトルオーク
  • Product ID : RJ01100301
  • Release Date : 09/05/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English
  • Developer : mozu field
  • Size : 250 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows

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