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Mesugaki TRAIN

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A detective has been dispatched to this city to investigate the “Maniac phenomenon”
where people lose their reason and only follow their desires.
He meets a girl in the course of his investigation…
That meeting will greatly change the detective’s fate…!

Seven Mesugakis await you!
Seven different Mesugakis appear in this game!
Some girls think they know everything,
while others think of people as their toys.
A nutjob, a delinquent, a nerd, and a rich girl!
A variety of Mesugakis are waiting for you!

Character Intro
Aria Kisaragi
A student who attends Crescent Academy,
one of the most well-known schools in town.
She’s the centerpiece of her class,
and maybe because she’s better than everyone else,
she’s very arrogant and condescending.
Her favorite position is cowgirl.
According to her, getting guys
is even easier than studying…

Coco Kiyuna
“Khe he he! I’m a genius!”
The girl with a confident grin is
one of the world’s top pro gamers.
She’s always been smarter than most,
but she doesn’t go to school,
and just plays games in her room day and night.
Coco’s favorite things
are pizza and burgers with extra cheese.

Miyako Aisu
You sense a presence in the quiet school
and she is standing silently behind you.
Depsite her innocent looks, she targets
men indiscriminately with “carnal desire” in mind.
Or perhaps she’s looking for “warmth.”
She walks the streets at night searching
for her perfect “daddy.”

Komari Kagehira
If you see a student cringing at the back of the class,
it’s probably Komari.
Her severe timidity prevents her from making friends,
but she’s very attached to Ichiru and Ai.
Seeing her joy at receiving candy
and the way she follows them around,
she looks just like a little puppy.

Ai Sakurai
She’s been secretly friends with Ichiru since they were little.
The reason Ai says she wants
to live a care-free life
is likely because her parents are very strict with her.
Constantly being told to be “beautiful and shrewd”
has caused her to act like
an empty, emotionless puppet.

Ichiru Kurube
Daughter of the leader of the Kurube Clan.
As you’d expect from the daughter of a gangster, she’s a delinquent
who seems hard to approach. That may be why
she has no one around her she calls a friend,
and is always a lone wolf in school.
Despite her appearance, however,
she hates anything criminal, and can
frequently be seen arguing with her father.

Luna Hisube
The of the phenomenon in .
She has a naturally character and is hard to pin down.
The in the world .
girl loves excellent .
Loves fiber .
Unconscious the shadows .

Video Trailer

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  • Original Title : メスガキTRAIN
  • Product ID : RJ01036558, RJ01123787
  • Release Date: 01/01/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese
  • Developer : SeaDepthStudio
  • Size : 841 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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