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Lustful Sin [v0.5.4a Patreon]


There was once a powerful demon who could control the thoughts and actions of others and use them as it pleased.
For thousands of years, the demon roamed the earth, spreading fear and terror wherever it went. Its magic was so subtle and effective that once you were caught in its web, it was nearly impossible to escape.
Eventually, the people came together and sealed it away, ending its reign of terror once and for all.
“This is the lie they told their children about you.”

Video Trailer

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  • Original Title : Lustful Sin
  • Version : 0.5.4a Patreon
  • Release Date: 04/06/2024
  • Censorship : Uncensored
  • Language : English
  • Developer : UnusualFishGame
  • Size : [Win: 1.14 GB, Apk: 637 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android
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For PC

For Android


  • Spoiler April 8, 2024

    If I have an older version of this if I download this and install it will be update?


  • GamerHentai15 April 11, 2024

    I already complete but I only need 4-5 girls left before that Quest “the road hell” hella Scared me some shit…. But I need to continue my storyline that gsme

  • ldb June 11, 2024

    the is good

  • ldb June 11, 2024

    They is good

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