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Lovely~Teens Transformation Warrior Pushikya

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It was four years ago, and it can be said that NIPPON country was at its peak at that time.
NIPPON was enjoying an unprecedented economic boom as it promoted its own culture and industry.
Its capital, TOKYO.
Over 10 million people lived their daily lives there, enjoying the happiness of the times.
But it happened suddenly.
“The sky split” with a roar that could be heard to the ends of the world.
A hole in the sky that appeared as if to mock the laws of this world – the “Gate”, and strange monsters overflowing from it.
The monsters attacked humans, possessed their bodies, and committed brutal acts.
They fed on the energy generated by disrupting order.

Of course, humans weren’t watching with their fingers in their mouths either.
However, the Self-Defense Forces were helpless against the chaotic forces that possessed unknown magical energy and caused mysterious phenomena.
Furthermore, the KANTO region, centered on the Tokyo metropolis, was surrounded by a huge magical barrier and isolated from the outside world.
Many areas in the KANTO region were now occupied by humans who were ruled by monsters.
People hated the day that started their nightmare, calling it “Doomsday.”

TOKYO 7th Special Ward “Kawabata Ward”
The area has maintained relative peace for the past four years.
It was relatively far from the “Gate”, it was located at the rear of the area that was the main battlefield, and there were probably other coincidences as well.
Somehow, life in this area was barely maintained.
However, the peace was like thin ice, threatening to break at any moment.

Humans controlled by monsters – commonly known as “Desire Demons” – have formed a clique and are steadily expanding their influence in Kawabata Ward.
A lustful demon can amplify the human’s desire excessively.
Appetite, sexual desire, desire for domination…people who are ruled by desire are willing to do anything to satisfy their desires.
And the power strengthened by magic was incomparable to humans, and it was difficult to stop his evil actions.

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  • Original Title : ラブリ~ティーンズ変身戦士☆プシキャ
  • Product ID : RJ01133811
  • Release Date : 23/12/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : Circle King
  • Size : 884 MB
  • Platform : Windows

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