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Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Hell [v0.3.00]

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Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Hell is a hellish spin-off of Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust. Like the first game, Tentacle Hell is a casual strategy adult game where you take the role of an entity that has the ability to infect lockers and capture unwanting targets. Despite the “hell” theme, which could be interpreted as biblical in nature, Tentacle Hell is still inspired by Lovecraft horror and focuses much on tentacles and stuff!

In this game, you’re a Tentacle Demon and you’re goal is to invade and conquer the Hell’s Institute where demon girls and various other entities reside. However, this place is under the domain and protection of Lilith, the Goddess of Hell.

Will you be able to invade and conquer all the five regions of hell?

Video Trailer

Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Hell
  • Version : Full_0.1.80
  • Release Date: 07/12/2023
  • Censorship : Uncensored
  • Language : English
  • Developer : Strange Girl
  • Size : [Win: 257 MB, Apk: 299 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android
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For PC

For Android


  • Gamer December 21, 2023

    Wow this is new tnx

  • Noan December 21, 2023

    you guys are doing great impervert. thank you very much

    • Grish December 24, 2023

      Are you really think that this is impervert’s work? Lol. Also, 95% of this games is already existed on other sites, this site is only for good timestamps

      • George December 25, 2023

        I literally searched the whole web for the latest versions of these games, but only getting demos or outdated versions there. Fortunately, this time I found the games here. We should be thankful to this site.

  • Yaan December 23, 2023

    3 heykele giris yapamiyorum sadece ilk 2 bitiriyom o kadar 3 heykele hic bi sekilde giris olmuyo

  • Alex December 25, 2023

    Why my game stuck in statue 2 ? I can’t continue to status 3

  • Axel December 27, 2023

    I don’t know if Asia can play in front of the 3

  • Axel December 27, 2023

    El nivel 3 no funciona

  • Supreme January 20, 2024

    Pls I want to ask why can’t I enter patreon website

  • ,,,, February 14, 2024

    Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Hell [v0.3.00]

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