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Live2D Special Guidance With Kayo-Chan


Kayo-chan, a young high school girl who is good at teasing
She especially enjoys teasing his teachers, and often invites them for special one-on-one instruction.
She is good at provoking teachers with her playful atmosphere and confusing them with her adorable movements.
On the surface, she looks confident, but in reality, she might be a bit of a small fry…?

Special Guidance With Kayo-Chan is an easy and intuitive touch game that can be played with just one finger
Compatible with operations, vivid emotions and natural dialogue,
Easy and intuitive one-handed operation and advanced range of motion!
There are no complicated or long systems, you can move freely and smoothly on the screen.

As a teacher, I will teach this brat a lesson.
As for the content, the scenes include “standing picture”, “blowjob” and “missionary position”
Animation: insertion, withdrawal, automatic, oral ejaculation, intracavitary ejaculation, external ejaculation
Contains approximately 100 lines in total
Many adjustable display toggles.

Video Trailer


  • Original Title : 【Live2D】かよちゃんとの特別補導
  • Product ID : RJ01160368
  • Release Date : 22/03/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : 狐狐部屋
  • Size : [Win: 142 MB, Apk: 129 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android

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  • Zetrack March 30, 2024

    It’s quite good, very quick, no tutorial needed.

    • Mkhein April 17, 2024
      • amobows May 29, 2024

        can someone plz help me.i try to download it but i can’t because it say that i have my ad blocker i turn it off but it still say it on.i try to download other games but t same thing happened.plz help my.

        • AdskiyLovePuger May 30, 2024

          впн вруби

          • amobows June 1, 2024

            thank you so much.

  • Phong March 31, 2024

    Admin pls fix blue screen 🙏

  • Nymo April 1, 2024

    English translation pls

  • king April 2, 2024

    links down fix it

  • Sactor April 2, 2024

    Both links are broken on the ones on mobile

  • Ruisu April 3, 2024

    I cant download the file has been deleted the heck

  • Otaxi April 4, 2024

    File has been DMCA’d please Fix

  • Steve April 4, 2024

    link error, please fix

  • Aither April 5, 2024

    All link error
    Pls fix 🙏

  • anonymity April 5, 2024

    Canyoufix it? Thankyou

  • EpicRyan213 April 6, 2024

    Link error pls fix it😭

  • Dex April 7, 2024

    Xin vui lòng fix lại lỗi được ko

  • Dext April 8, 2024

    Blue contur, no image and animation, bug out lang?

  • Ivly April 10, 2024

    The link it not working. Pls fix it

  • Urushibara May 29, 2024

    The Game is broken or something? I just see the character full blue. This happened too with other game (i think that game is called: “Weird sounds from men’s bathroom”)

  • Koi May 29, 2024

    What’s new

  • amobows May 29, 2024

    can someone plz help me.i try to download it but i can’t because it say that i have my ad blocker i turn it off but it still say it on.

  • OA May 30, 2024


  • Lynn June 9, 2024

    Plsss!!! I try to download it but it keep loading!!!!!!! I really want to try this game!

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