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Life With The Tribe

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Life with the tribe! depicts the adventures of a tribe who find a young boy who miraculously survives after falling into the sea. You are that boy!
Explore the tribe, complete quests, receive rewards, fight monsters and become the leader of this tribe!
There is no text in this game, but the entire story is told through art!

In this game, all elements follow the style of pixel art!
The gameplay of this game is divided into many mini-games, allowing the player to do many things! And many of these mini-games lead to different scenes!

This game has over 15 different animations!
Each girl has her own H-animation!

As you leave your tribe and explore the surrounding area, you can encounter random events! In the game, you can find over 16 different events!
Some of them may improve your health, but some of them aren’t all that fun!
Sometimes you even find treasure chests!

Do sheep girls want to get pregnant?
You can find sheep girls in certain places and they will gladly reward you if you help them with their problems.
And when we go back to them, we see that their numbers are increasing!
Becoming a tribe leader opens up new opportunities! One of them is customization of your tribe members!

There are various options that affect the appearance of the women of each tribe! And it even affects the H-animation!

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  • Original Title : Life With The Tribe
  • Product ID : RJ01150693
  • Release Date : 16/02/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Alingual
  • Developer : ChimeraZak
  • Size : 41 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • Oni.d.kira February 22, 2024

    Faço para Android por favor

  • Satoru February 24, 2024

    Por favor uma versão Android!! Esse jogo parece maravilhoso!!

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