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Ideal Father – Living Together With His Beloved Daughter

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You can have sex with your daughter “Saki-chan” in various situations and live like a normal father and daughter. Let’s aim to be the ideal father for you.

◆ Thorough daily life simulation – all reproduced in 3D without deformation!
The heroine wakes up in the morning, brushes her teeth, goes to the bathroom, takes a bath, and lives her life as she pleases. You can interact in various ways, such as chatting, cooking meals, and doing naughty things. It is also possible to secretly take pictures of Saki-chan in the toilet or bath.

◆Highly flexible sex and touching
When having sex, you can have sex with a high degree of freedom, such as lifting your hands and feet, kissing, or taking off your clothes partially (or completely). (*What you can do varies depending on the sex scene)
The heroine’s liking is also reflected, and if she is in a state of pure love, she will be happy to receive it, but if she is in a state of dislike, she will dislike it. These things affect not only the dialogue, but also the animation. (Example: He accepts the kiss ⇔ He turns away because he doesn’t like it…)

◆ Seamless sex according to the situation
You can freely do naughty things according to the heroine’s life. If you are sleeping, you will be in a state of sleep rape, and if you are in the toilet or bath, you will break open and have sex with me. It is also possible to become friends with the heroine and lead them into lovey-dovey sex. It all depends on dad!

Also, you can choose whether you are the heroine’s “biological father” or “stepfather” at the beginning of the game!

What to do depends on your choice!
You can aim for pure love by just flirting, or you can bully the heroine and imprison her. What to do depends on the father’s choice.

◆Heartwarming elements
You can enjoy playing crane games at the arcade, take a relaxing bath together, or take your child out to the park!

◆Punishment element
You can also take advantage of their weaknesses and lecture them. How you preach is up to you! You can punish him by having sex with him, or you can make him hold back on the toilet and make him pee.

Equipped with sex that seamlessly connects with daily life! Even when the heroine is in the bath or toilet, you can freely enter and have sex depending on the player’s choice.

◆ Also in combination with excretion
For example, if you attack while urinating, the pee will drip out, etc. We have also paid special attention to the small details!

◆Various sex!
In addition to normal sex, you can do all kinds of sex, including sleep sex, punishment sex, and doctor sex. Furthermore, you can make him give you a blowjob or drink urine wherever you like.

Sex with a high degree of freedom!
◆Highly flexible sex
Feel free to seamlessly take off your clothes, kiss her, grab her hands and feet! (What you can do will change depending on the sex scene)

◆Physical cross section and liquid representation!
The cross-sectional view is equipped with 3D physical representation! When it is inserted, it moves realistically, and when it is ejaculated, the semen actually accumulates and then overflows or stays depending on the angle.

◆Bulky belly/pregnancy
If you don’t use contraception, you can get pregnant…! You can enjoy everyday life and sex with a bloated belly!

Thorough excretion simulation and health level
In this work, excretion and health are also carefully recreated!

◆ Excretory system
Saki-chan excretes based on food and drink and the passage of time. If I’m in my room, I’ll head to the bathroom, and if I’m outdoors, I’ll sneak in the shadows. Sometimes your baby may pee if you can’t make it to the toilet in time because your father interferes or gives you diuretics.
(*The default is only pee. We have also implemented poop, fart, and vomit elements, so if you like them, please turn them on from the options. We are also very particular about this)

◆Health system
Saki-chan’s health level will change depending on her daily meals, the number of times she has sex, etc. For example, if you feed her too much cup ramen, her health will deteriorate. Also, if you have sex all the time with anal sex, you may get hemorrhoids.

You can apply ointment to Saki-chan to improve her health, but you can also have sex with her inside under the pretense of getting the medicine inside. When your health level decreases, your urine may turn yellow. (If the poop element is on, you will get diarrhea).

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  • Original Title : 理想のおとうさん ~愛娘との同棲生活~
  • Product ID : RJ01104619
  • Release Date: 07/12/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : cat 3
  • Size : 243 MB
  • Platform : Windows

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  • Zakifr December 9, 2023

    Version android pls

  • 777 Not December 9, 2023

    female is all purple, very laggy pls fix

  • Kurumi_5555 December 10, 2023

    Do version android please

  • JustARep December 15, 2023

    the control is very limited the only working keyboard keys is asdw the arrow keys ctrl tab and t wish they coud fix this and please add an english version

  • Al December 20, 2023

    Why i CAN’T download this game?

  • James February 4, 2024

    This would be amazing for android…

  • Manly April 22, 2024

    Anyone know the cheat code?

  • マコト May 7, 2024

    Android バージョンをお願いします。このゲームがとても気に入ったので、携帯電話に入れたいと思っています。

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