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I Want To Dye My Sister’s Lewd Body To A Cloudy Color!


Is your sister acting different than usual?
When I got close to her, she seemed strangely sexy, like a female in heat.
She snuck into her sister’s room at night to find out what happened.
Then, an unknown voice echoes in her head, and the voice of a self-proclaimed lewd demon invites you.
You were seduced and put your hands on the older sister’s body, where the lewd pattern appeared!
A demon has taken over the older sister’s body!? There’s also a nasty face that you don’t usually see!?
The game is basically played by dragging the mouse.
I’ll make you take off your clothes and play tricks on you.
Collect the lewd crest, He promised that if he fulfilled his role, the demon would do something very pleasant for him.
If you can’t find the ink crest that night, try your best the next day!
This fourth work in the series incorporates elements of fantasy.
If you meet the conditions with the power of Inma, you can have sex with your sister while her consciousness is taken over!
The number of scenarios has been increased from the previous work! You can enjoy it even more!

Video Trailer

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  • Original Title : お姉ちゃんのスケベボディを、白濁に染め上げたい! 【おさわり・睡眠○シミュレーション4】
  • Product ID : RJ01184910
  • Release Date : 25/04/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : Colapis
  • Size : 185 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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