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I Invite You! Mr. Succubus

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If the succubus presses you, the voice will become closer,
Furthermore, semen is absorbed every time you ejaculate.

Everyone’s favorite audio work, succubus semen extraction, is realized with Live2D!

~ Being approached by a succubus ~
In this game, you can be “approached by a succubus.”
Of course, the closer you get, the closer the voices will be, greatly increasing the sense of reality.

~The semen is squeezed out inside the vagina~
It is also equipped with a gimmick that “the cross-sectional view of the sex moves according to the ejaculation”.
It recreates the world of the audio work where the vagina is squeezed out of semen without moving.

~A very closed-door situation~
This time, we are aiming for a stronger interaction between ASMR and Live2D.
The situation is “on the user’s futon”.
If you put on your earphones and open the app in your futon, a succubus will come to visit you.

A gentle older sister succubus, a bewitching semen squeeze, and a counterattack acme,
Narumi Osaka’s extremely naughty night performance will envelop your sight and hearing…

This game also features a free mode where you can play in any situation you like.

・Free mode exclusive lines
・No dialogue mode (gasp only)
・Situation selection “Bright room” “Dark room”
・Succubus approaches and leaves
・Cross-sectional view ON/OFF
・Cross-sectional view (ejaculation motion due to close contact)
・Presence or absence of heart eyes
・Gonzo style frame
・Costume selection “Succubus costume” “Nude”
・ON/OFF of indecent pattern
・Presence or absence of pubic hair
・Light adjustment
・Piston speed
・Ejaculation timing (lines change depending on speed)
・Ejaculation (wakaase)
・Ejaculation (wetting)

The closer you get to Gal-chan, the closer her voice becomes,
If you keep attacking Gal-chan, she will stop looking at her smartphone.

You can enjoy an unprecedented sense of reality with ultra-high quality Live2D.
Please give it a try.

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  • Original Title : 【Live2DxASMR】召しませ!サキュバスさん ~今宵もあなたの精液いただきます♪はらぺこメレの密着搾精~
  • Product ID : RJ01075284
  • Release Date : 17/11/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : sisidolabo
  • Size : [Win: 2.52 GB, Apk: 148 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android
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