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Hypnotic Touch Kanataso


Hypnotic Touch Kanataso is a easy hypnosis sex game can be played with just one finger.
This application is a simple touch game created with Unity + Live2D.
By dragging the application screen up and down, you can use your penis to piston.
Let’s forcefully rape the angel who is unconscious due to hypnosis and make him feel good.

Not only the piston, but also all operations within the application are consolidated on one screen.
All functions within the application can be operated with one button and one finger.
・Piston (also equipped with auto function)
・Change sensitivity
・Facial expression change

It’s up to you whether you want to take it slow or take it out quickly.

Do you want to increase the sexual sensitivity of the girl and make her climax continuously, or do you use her as you like like a masturbator?
The amount of time each person spends on a single play session varies.

It’s a gauge that shows how good the girl is, and you can make the girl cum when the gauge reaches its maximum.
Even though she is in a hypnotic state, there is a certain speed that is comfortable for girls.
Make the girl feel good by taking it slow at first and then using quick strokes in the last spurt.
As you reach climax, the speed at which you feel good will gradually increase, and in the end you will feel good at any speed.
If the rate of rise of the gauge does not suit your style, you can change the rate of increase per climax using the [Change Sensitivity] button.

[Ejaculation button]
The ejaculation is not the type that builds up a gauge, but it is made so that you can ejaculate when you want to.
By pressing the button, the girl will be forced to climax and ejaculate, completely ignoring her sexual state.
If you want to pull out quickly or cum on a girl, press this button.

[Facial expression change]
By pressing the button at the top right of the screen, you can freely change the expression.
Should you make the girl look sad, look like she’s immersed in pleasure, or be expressionless?
You can finely adjust each parameter using the slider according to your own sexual preference.

Video Trailer

Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : 催眠おさわりかなたそ
  • Product ID : RJ01151651, RJ01152428
  • Release Date: 06/02/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : B-ginga
  • Size : [Win: 48 MB, Apk: 85 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android
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For Android


  • boy February 9, 2024

    please make an android version

  • muaz February 9, 2024

    please make Android version

  • him February 10, 2024

    Developers please make an Android version

  • James February 10, 2024

    “Can be played with one finger” it’s a pc game, good knowledge there mate…..

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