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HIHOU NO KAKERA – Treasure Fragment


HIHOU NO KAKERA is a 2D action game for adults.
A kingdom where wild emotions are suppressed by the power of hidden treasures and a peaceful life is lived.
However, the hidden treasures and the princess are stolen by the Demon King who suddenly appears!
To save the kingdom from chaos, you must defeat the enemies that stand in your way!

As your life points decrease, your clothes come off and you are left defenceless as you are subjected to H-bondage attacks from the enemies that attack you!
You can play with simple controls such as jumping, attacking and crouching.

HIHOU NO KAKERA is a 2D action game for adults. is fully equipped with H-motions for all enemy characters in the game.
The characters move smoothly with animations made by Sprite Studio (60FPS version). (More clear in the 60FPS version).
The game over will play an H game over animation, which will be played if the enemy has a dedicated Hanime.
Depending on how good you are at action games, it may take you between one and two hours to complete the game.

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  • Original Title : 秘宝の欠片 HIHOU NO KAKERA ‐Treasure Fragment‐
  • Product ID : RJ01169858
  • Release Date : 19/03/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English
  • Developer : EUPHORIC!
  • Size : 1.13 GB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows

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  • no name June 10, 2024

    It does not start

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