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Harem Daily Life ~Your Room Becomes A Hangout Place For Girls!?~

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◆Sleep mode
The girl is sleeping so she doesn’t move on her own.
Get into any position you like, kiss, insert, cum inside, do whatever you want!
Combined with Quest3’s latest MR features, you can have the best experience of having a girl in your room who won’t wake up no matter what you do!

◆Motion mode
In addition to erotic motions such as missionary and cowgirl positions, there are also many non-erotic motions such as sitting on a chair and squatting!

◆Body size change
You can make the girl’s body size giant/dwarf!
The sight of a giant girl filling the room is a sight to behold!
On the other hand, you can also turn her into a dwarf! You can also place her on a table or bed and look at her!

◆Change breast size
You can also change the size of your breasts!
It’s more powerful than the previous work, and it’s now possible to change the size during the sex scenes!

◆Summon multiple characters and Chi〇ko at the same time
You can summon multiple characters at the same time and have a dream harem play!
Furthermore, it is more powerful than the previous work, and it is now possible to have multiple dicks!
It is now possible to insert it into multiple characters at the same time and make them gasp!

◆Automatic climax, automatic ejaculation
If you do a blow job or insert a piston, it will automatically ejaculate.
What’s more, girls will climax automatically!

◆Real breast shaking
Express boobs shaking with “MagicaCloth2”, which is currently known as the strongest shaking engine!
It reproduces a trembling feeling that has never been seen in previous games!

◆Breast massage
If you grab her breasts, she will squeeze them!

◆Blowjob, insertion, creampie, cross-section
Of course, it also has blowjob, insertion, creampie, and cross-section functions!
When you ejaculate inside, your vagina will be filled with sperm!
Get pregnant and have sex as much as you like!

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  • Original Title : 【VR】ハーレムな日常~あなたの部屋が女の子たちのたまり場に!?~
  • Product ID : RJ01133621
  • Release Date : 17/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese
  • Developer : VR game shop
  • Size : [Win: 203 MB, Apk: 251 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android
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  • Annoying January 21, 2024

    Not working

  • しん January 22, 2024


  • Sirel January 31, 2024

    no funciona ni para pc ni android

  • Iori February 26, 2024

    Not work at meta quest 3

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