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Escape Dungeon


Escape Dungeon is the first dungeon for new adventurers. This beginner dungeon has a total of four floors, and each floor has one boss. Difficulty increases as you go down the hierarchy. In order for a new adventurer to grow into a more powerful adventurer, they must first conquer the beginner dungeon.
In order for new adventurers to aim to clear each floor, they must destroy the energy crystals in the underground castle. To do this, you need to utilize the elements of the underground castle, such as terrain, item boxes, hiding places, traps, and skull items. If the adventurer fails, he will be consumed in a certain way by the guardian of the underground castle. On the other hand, if the adventurer wins, he will capture the guardian of the underground castle and lock him in a prison as a reward.

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  • Original Title : 冒険者の初級地下城
  • Product ID : RJ01138270
  • Release Date : 10/05/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
  • Developer : Isekai
  • Size : 1.16 GB
  • Platform : Windows

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  • Andrra May 13, 2024

    What engine is the game made on?

  • انور May 24, 2024


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