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Confinement In The Toilet & Rape With Machine

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Confinement In The Toilet & Rape With Machine is a set of 2 great hentai games ~ “Girl imprisoned in the toilet and impregnated” & “Transforming heroine raped by machine”
A 3D game about a cute girl who is abducted into a public toilet and inseminated with a baby by a pervert.
A mechanical rape game…You can watch the transformed heroine cumming with a female face right in front of your eyes!
A beautiful girl game for masturbation that can be enjoyed in VR.
I enjoy raping a girl who is confined in the toilet.

An overwhelming sense of immersion and a perverted worldview, Please come and experience it for yourself.
Comes with a bonus image of pregnancy depiction (bloated belly)

While playing in the park, A virgin who was suddenly abducted into the men’s restroom…
The pervert’s purpose was to get the girl pregnant…
The merciless “impregnation rape” begins on the small body.
An “evil secret organization” that rapes girls with machines…
She was a heroine of justice who infiltrated the hideout, but
She was easily caught right away, and she was punished for machine rape!
Will the heroine be able to endure the humiliation of machine rape?

A wide variety of scenes including loving humiliation, violent SM, bullying, and rape scenes.
Depending on the work, it may become a mental breakdown pattern / bitch.
In the case of rape/torture, it is also defined as Ryona-kei.
Often accompanied by ahegao, creampie, crying/screaming, etc.
Highlights include scenes of forced sex and creampie

An erotic device that is common in erotic games.
Bringing women to orgasm with cylinders, etc.
A orgasm machine for humiliating obscene meat.
Girl warriors are often the victims.
They are often forced, and are often detained.

This game has been developed exclusively for VR with Oculus Rift as the standard.
Operation has not been verified for oculus rift s, oculus go, oculus quest, HTC VIVE, and meta.

Video Trailer

Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : 【2本セット!!】VRゲーム~「トイレに監禁」編&「機械姦で陵辱」編~大人の変態ゲーム
  • Product ID : RJ01131001
  • Release Date: 30/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : girlsgame
  • Size : 65 MB
  • Platform : Windows - VR Exclusive
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For Windows

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