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Cheeky Young Lady Falls Through Hypnosis ~School Touch Simulator~

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The dark-hearted and dull protagonist has not been able to make any friends even though it has been half a year since she attended the school.
The main character, who doesn’t even have the courage to raise his hand to go to the bathroom during class, makes a mad dash to the bathroom he’s been holding back at the sound of the lunch break chime.
However, walking there was Himeka Saijo, the daughter of the school’s president, and her entourage.
There was a rule at this school that when Saijo and others passed through the hallway, they had to move to the edge and give way.

This game consists of an ADV part that advances the story and a touch part that uses hypnosis to train the child.
As you touch them, you will be able to see the story, and as you watch the story, the touching actions and positions will increase.

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  • Original Title : 生意気お嬢様は催眠で堕ちる ~学園おさわりシミュレーター~
  • Product ID : RJ01123118
  • Release Date: 25/11/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : The 46th Order of Chivalry
  • Size : 352 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • Schmitz December 11, 2023

    Android version please

  • Watchet December 20, 2023

    Yes, can you port this game to android? This game looks similar to dobuworks game “A Simulation That Lets You Do Whatever You Want To A Domineering Young Lady”

  • Human December 28, 2023

    Have English version?

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