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Ass Fall File.01 – Rear Cowgirl Position Of A Slightly Cheeky Daddy’s Girl


Ass Fall File.01 is a story about a single man who has a grand dream of becoming a father and having sex with his big-assed daughter.
The man abused the entertainment app and succeeded in manipulating her memory, and from the time they met for the first time, he became her “other father”.
And on this day, he brought his beloved daughter (tentative name) into the men’s room where he lives alone…

◆Features of this game
・The sense of immorality changes depending on daytime ⇔ event○, nighttime ⇔ event○, effects, additional production, etc.!!
・The maximum duration of the event is 100 seconds, and during the event, you will ignore your favorability and go into a melt-down state!!
・You can also play by repeatedly applying hypnosis for 1 second and then canceling hypnosis!!
・Of course you can have pussy sex, and you can also have anal sex!!
・You can have sex while looking at the vagina and butthole that have become loose after being raped!!
・The bukkake semen will remain until you use a tissue!!
・After the creampie, you can see the semen overflowing after the fact!!
・After falling for pleasure, you will be able to lose your virginity (hymen regeneration) as many times as you like!!
・H animations are played in a loop, so you can play them even when your hands are free!!
・Happiness app, text collage, penis proliferation, penis decoration, big breasts!!
・10 times the sensitivity, crazy voices, orgasm hell (convulsions)… it’s a mess!!
・There is a button to accelerate the game speed!!
・You can avoid a crisis by switching to the Escape screen using the Esc key (as a countermeasure for pro-fraternity people)!!
・The back of the student ID card has an erotic scene, so it’s useful in various ways (even for strategy)!!
– New features can be unlocked by unlocking achievements!!
・If you use a trick on the title screen, a hidden button for “Free Mode” will appear!!

◆About how to play
Touch it, play it in a loop, add changes, leave it alone, etc. Everyone has their own way of playing♪
This is a game system suitable for those who like erotic hula and simulator games.
The situation changes rapidly depending on the player’s operations.
The lines will change depending on your self-introduction, brat, excitement level, and likability, which will also affect the text.

Video Trailer


  • Original Title : 尻堕ち File.01 ~ちょっぴり生意気なパパっ子娘の背面騎乗位~
  • Product ID : RJ01149438
  • Release Date : 03/04/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : HPeach
  • Size : 32 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • Phong April 13, 2024

    Looking forward to the Android version

  • L April 26, 2024

    Android pls

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