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​​A Gal Teacher’s Naughty Class! Her Sexual Habits Will Be Twisted With Sweet M Torture. One Shota Dotto Naughty Sex Life. (Cracked)

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A unique system using all handmade pixel animations and maps,
A feature of this series is that you can freely display and operate all anime on all maps!
This time’s theme is “Oneshota Temptation H”!
Shota-kun is played with by a lewd gal sister tutor
We specialize in bed shota play♪
Enjoy erotic dots + dirty talk in your favorite situation♪
A gal sister who is a private tutor.
I’m lewd and love shota♪
My hobby is twisting the sexual habits of boys in classes on perverted masochist sex♪
Dirty words are automatically displayed according to the body position. Dot anime + dirty words = erotic!!
You can freely change “your name” in the dialogue.
In this series, you can freely change the situation and position,
It is also recommended as a “visual” work to complement erotic audio works!
Together with your favorite audio!
Handjob class in “Boku-kun”’s room♪
You can also change the time of day such as dusk!
Exposure SEX in the forest park!
You can freely enjoy H anime on your favorite map ♪
Handjob at the teacher’s apartment!
Cheer while looking at the scenery outside…♪
Have lovey-dovey sex in the teacher’s bedroom!
Raw creampie sex lesson…♪

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  • Original Title : 【ドットエロ】ギャル先生のHな授業!甘々M責めで性癖捻じ曲げられちゃう♪おねショタどっとえっち性活。
  • Product ID : RJ01140783
  • Release Date: 13/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : Angel Observer
  • Size : 330 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • P January 15, 2024

    Android version please

  • A January 16, 2024

    Pls Android version

  • A January 16, 2024

    what is the key

  • rascard January 23, 2024

    i need to enter the license key, what is it?

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