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There’s No Way A Male Adventurer Would Lose To A Goblin Army!!

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Kick off the goblin army! A 3D action game with a male adventurer as the main character!
Control the male adventurer and defeat the goblins that attack one after another!! If you lose, the goblins…

The protagonist, an adventurer, receives a request to exterminate a group of goblins that are doing evil things in nearby villages.
I headed to the goblins’ stronghold…

Use swords, bows, and magic to defeat the goblins that attack one after another!

The main character can use a bow and arrow, and fire magic in addition to his normal attacks with a sword.
The key to defeating goblins is to use different weapons depending on the situation.

When HP reaches 0, goblins…
When the main character runs out of energy, he is subjected to sexual acts by the goblins.
The erotic ending scene branches depending on the number of goblins defeated.

Video Trailer

Will Upload Soon.


  • Original Title : 男の娘冒険者がゴブリン軍団なんかに負けるわけないだろ!!
  • Product ID : RJ01107985
  • Release Date: 20/10/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : kousaten
  • Size : 406 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


  • Cum Factory December 18, 2023

    Android version?

  • kenken May 2, 2024

    more yaoi please ty

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