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The Demon King’s Treasure 2 – Fallen The Goddess!

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100 years ago, a war broke out between the Demon King and the Goddess that destroyed the world.
In the end, the goddess was defeated, the hero was sealed away, and this war came to an end.
No one knows what happened to the goddess after that.
The Demon King also lost a large amount of magical power in this war, and his weakest point was targeted, and the Demon King was betrayed.
The rebel shared part of the Demon King’s power to the lord of the Demon World, who had sealed the four heroes, and reigned as the new Demon King, making himself the pinnacle of the Demon World.
The demon king’s lost power and the remains of his body fly away to some ruins in the outside world, waiting for the day of his revenge.

Knight: Arya

Height: 165cm
Three sizes B:85 W:59 H:89
Arya, the princess of the kingdom, is known as the [Flower of Purity].
She has a beautiful appearance and a strong and strong heart that is second to none.
The great sword she wields was given to her by a lake fairy and is called Arondite.

Warrior: Hilde

Height: 175cm
Three sizes B:94 W:61 H:93
A warrior from a mysterious village, he is worshiped by the people as a brave warrior.
Hilde, the leader of the village, was given the title of “Bear Slayer” after slaughtering a giant bear with her bare hands.

Female Samurai: Tomoe Gozen

Height: 162cm
Three sizes B:82 W:58 H:86
A woman from a wealthy family in a mysterious land in the east.
Master swordsmen of the Kageryu are known for their instant speed, and it is said that the opponents they face are slaughtered without even seeing the line of their swords.
When the world was in crisis, she set out on her own to the demon world to fight against the hordes of demons.

Priest: Feby

Height: 155cm
Three sizes B:90 W:59 H:90
As the goddess’s representative in the human world, she has the purest heart and pious faith.
People treat her like a goddess, and she is welcomed warmly and sacredly.
During the demon king’s war, she searches for three other pure-hearted heroes to help the goddess.

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  • Original Title : 魔王の秘宝2-女神を堕とせ!
  • Product ID : RJ01064029
  • Release Date: 17/11/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Chinese, Japanese
  • Developer : Monster-ken
  • Size : 524 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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