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Natale Neshe


Natale Neshe, a girl who fell into the hands of a monster and was made into a comforter.
Will she be able to safely escape from this dungeon infested with merciless monsters?

A time of turmoil, where the war with the devil lasted for over a hundred years, and the echoes of it still reverberate to this day.
In the past, many heroes and adventurers stood up against the approaching forces of evil, sometimes achieving victory, but they too were unable to resist the flow of time and disappeared in vain.
Attacks by evil monsters still continue to occur all over the world.
In an era trembling under the pressure of merciless conflict, an ominous change has come to the power of monsters.
The monsters, who have interacted with humans for a long time, learned of cunning from humans and started a war.
He was not satisfied with stealing the land and treasures of humans, but had learned to own and enjoy humans themselves.
Those who fall into the hands of the monsters will be treated mercilessly and cruelly in the name of Yugi.
Even now, there is a girl who has become the property of demons and is treated as nothing more than a plaything…

In the story She is the main character of this work, who is already a prisoner and becomes the comforter of the monsters.
During her escape, she is captured many times and sent to prison, where she is humiliated, but she never gives up and devotes all her strength to a ray of hope.
You control the female protagonist, Neshe, and the play involves searching for a way to escape while avoiding the eyes of her enemies and collecting her equipment and items.
There is a mini-map system, and you will progress by filling in unexplored parts of the map.
The dungeon has a system where you can hear vivid sounds, such as the footsteps of wandering monsters from a distance.
However, monsters can also hear the sounds of the player’s actions.
It listens to the player’s footsteps and doors opening and closing, and follows them, so it constantly wears down the player’s nerves while exploring.
Sometimes the passage is completely blocked and you have to fight the monsters.
The monsters you will face are all formidable, and players will have to make the most of their available items, equipment, and play knowledge.
Various items will be randomly dropped from the item boxes found during exploration.
Sometimes dropped items are cursed, partially destroyed, or unidentified.
When a cursed item is used, a binding curse will be activated randomly and restrict the player’s actions.
If your legs are shackled, you won’t be able to run, and if your arms are tied, you won’t be able to throw items or use equipment.
The dot animation changes depending on the player’s restraints and is reflected in the in-game erotic scene.
If you are caught by a monster, you will be sent to prison. However, if you have the physical strength and the wire, you can escape as many times as you like!
The system will respawn an item box when you are sent to prison, so don’t give up and do your best!

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  • Original Title : ナーテイル・ネーシェ
  • Product ID : RJ01083328
  • Release Date : 27/02/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese
  • Developer : チクアタ
  • Size : 179 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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