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Lily Dungeon ~The World Of Lewd Beasts And Lilies~

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Magical swordsman Yuina enters a dungeon to practice magic.
However, it is a dungeon where lewd beasts live…

◆Play system◆
The Windows version is a simple action game whose basic movements are movement using the WASD keys and attacks using the mouse.
*Other operations include dashing with the Shift key and special moves with the Space key.

Also supports gamepad input.
*Gamepad only supports X-Input controller.
When using a DirectInput controller, please convert it to X-Input.
Author Ci-en has summarized how to convert DirectInput to Xinput using Steam.

Character introduction
The heroine of this work.
She sneaks into a dungeon to practice magic.
She squirts as soon as she cums.
She carries around a strap-on band for some reason.

A warrior with a magic bow who protects the exit to the first floor.
She loves to tease cute girls.
She is looking forward to defeating the girls who come to the dungeon and playing pranks on them.

A warrior who uses a magic sword to protect the exit to the second floor.
She has a calm personality and takes her duties seriously, but she is often indoctrinated with wrong knowledge by other warriors.

A warrior who protects the exit to the third layer.
She is confident in her abilities. She loves to provoke people.

About the Game System
●Normal stage●
She heads into the hinterland to avoid being caught by the octopus-shaped lewd beast and the humanoid lewd beast.
If he is caught, he will attack the heroine in various ways.
If you are made to cum by a lewd beast, you will be given a debuff that will reduce your attack power, and if you are creampied, your movement speed will be reduced.
There is no game over in normal stages, but if a debuff is applied, you will be at a disadvantage in boss stages.

●Boss stage●
It’s a simple battle system where you lose if your HP reaches 0.
The difficulty of completing the battle will vary greatly depending on the debuffs received during the normal stage.
If your HP reaches 0, the game will end after a defeat event, and if your opponent’s HP reaches 0, you will proceed after a victory event.

About Defeat/Win Events
●Defeat event●
This is a scenario type event where you are attacked + served by the enemy boss character.
After the event ends, the game will be over.

●Victory event●
This is a command selection event where you attack the opponent’s boss character.
Both the heroine’s subjective viewpoint and the bird’s-eye view can be selected.
*Some of the positions that can be selected involve insertion, such as top position, but they are not futanari, but involve wearing a penis band.

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  • Original Title : Lilyダンジョン~淫獣と百合の世界~
  • Product ID : RJ01112465
  • Release Date: 10/02/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : English, Japanese, Chinese
  • Developer : TKsite
  • Size : [Win: 671 MB, Apk: 233 MB]
  • Platform : Windows, Android

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