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Cetta:The Machinery Girl

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When Chetta, a girl who has lost her memory, wakes up, she is being carried by a giant robot.
She doesn’t know why and is chased as a traitor, but Cetta ends up crash-landing on an unexplored island.
The island is full of dangerous creatures, natives, and pursuers. All of them are aiming for Chetta’s chastity!
Secrets and intrigues hidden on the island await the girl as she wonders why she has to face such a situation.
Will Chetta be able to escape from the island safely? Her fate is left up to the player…

Battles and events are animated! A lot of swaying!!
Innovative animation that combines Live2D and cell-look 3D will enliven events and battles!
Enjoy scenes that achieve dynamic movement while retaining a 2D anime feel!
Complete customization! Use experience points and energy to strengthen Cetta!
Level up as you explore!
Use skill points to strengthen!
Accumulate sexual experience points by doing naughty things and learn sexual skills!
Become stronger and take revenge on the person who attacked you!
The gear attached to your weapon grows randomly!
Use it until you have the weapon of your choice!
Battles on robots are SRPG-style!
Use the energy you collect to repair and strengthen your aircraft and defeat your rivals!
If you enter the hot spring, you will receive a buff that is advantageous for exploration!
However, you may be attacked while taking a bath…!
Free difficulty adjustment that allows you to turn on/off each item!
It’s up to the player to progress through the story casually or enjoy intense exploration and battles!
If you are creampied on a dangerous day, you are guaranteed to get pregnant!?
Implementation of a complete menstrual system!
If a girl’s day comes while exploring, a debuff will be applied!
During the erotic battle, the enemy’s jeers come flying at you, making you even more embarrassed!
Of course, you won’t be able to do it with just one partner and end up getting gangbanged!

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  • Original Title : チェッタ:The Machinery Girl
  • Product ID : RJ01117118
  • Release Date : 29/12/2023
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : NnDaVa Heavy Industry
  • Size : 2.8 GB
  • Platform : Windows

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