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Anywhere? Touch! Princess

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One day, the girls were in the second library next to the nurse’s office.
He finds a book with a demon sealed inside.
And the seal of the book was broken, and by the demon “Kaja”
The girls are cursed. But this lewd demon had a shitty personality.
The protagonist takes over the position
Let’s work together to touch the girls and accumulate ecstasy!

With the power of lust, you can accumulate ecstasy through remote touching and music game touching.
And direct interaction in story mode…
A bright future awaits these girls!

Release of tactile tools and systems.
Unlock hairstyle and breast size for character customization.
Furthermore, you can collect the titles set for each character and continue playing even after clearing the game!


・Haruki Himemiya
A perfect princess who grows up quickly for her age.
She is a distant relative of the main character, and it is through this connection that she comes to the second infirmary to see him.
She has been in love with the main character from the beginning.
She is honest when it comes to sex and likes being cunnilingus.
She tries to pay each time.

・Tora Hibino
A cheerful and innocent tanned girl whose parents are tiger fans.
She is energetic and active, and has a body and mind that is appropriate for her age.
she is young both mentally and sexually
She still cannot recognize pleasure.
However, since he is not particularly insensitive, he unconsciously seeks sexual pleasure.

・Ruko Furumi
A girl who pretends to be a lady but has a nasty tongue and is obsessed with masturbation.
She is always teasing Usagi, but she is weak towards spiritual things and is afraid of Usagi’s remote touch.
She is too thin and has no breasts, but her masturbation is so intense that she is partially adult. Because of this, she has difficulty receiving pleasure…

・Is it a lewd demon?
It was a lewd demon sealed in a book and kept in the infirmary.
She is possessed by stuffed animals.
Because of her crappy personality, the main character is in charge of the remote touching.
But is her demonic power real, and does she sometimes take over Haruhime’s body?

Remote Touch
In the game’s main mode, remote touch mode, the type of touch situation will be determined randomly for each character.
Then, set the three final touches in advance.
During remote touching, touch her breasts, crotch, and buttocks within the time limit to fill up the gauge.
When the gauge reaches MAX, the final touch will be made and the object will be inserted into the girl’s vagina.
Furthermore, when you fill up the gauge to the MAX, the girl will cum lightly and move on to the next touch.
If you repeat this three times, the girl will come to orgasm and the remote touching will end.
It is important not to touch the girl too harshly, but to occasionally touch her face to calm her down.

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  • Original Title : どこでも? おさわり! プリンセス☆タッチ
  • Product ID : RJ01111830
  • Release Date: 16/01/2024
  • Censorship : Censored
  • Language : Japanese
  • Developer : hopuhopu team
  • Size : 730 MB
  • Platform : Windows
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For Windows


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  • Android user February 13, 2024

    For Android Pretty Please T_T

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    estaba buscando este juego y porfin lo encuentro, el juego anterior me encanto este supongo que superara el anterior, esta es la mejor pagina 😀

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